Quattro 4 Firmware Update

Step One:

Video Instructions

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Step Two:

Locate the downloaded file on your computer. If you did not get to choose a location, check your downloads folder.

Step Three:

Using the included micro-USB cable, connect your Quattro to any USB port on your computer. Detach the microphone module (if equipped) and move the switch on the back of your Quattro to the + position.

Step Four:

Navigate to the folder containing the download. Using your mouse, right-click on “Quattro 4.0 Firmware Upgrade” then left-click “Extract All”.

Step Five:

Select the option to “Show extracted files when complete” and left-click “Extract”.

Step Six:

The zipped folder will extract and open to reveal the contents of the firmware upgrade kit.

Step Seven:

Double click on the "1. Run Me First!" file and let the program complete it's install.

Step Eight:

Once Step Five is complete, double click the "2. ClearSounds Updater" file and follow the on-screen instructions.


On Windows 10 you may get this error/popup during Step 7 and 8. If you do, click on More Info then Run Anyway as seen in the screenshots below.

Please fill out the form below so we can keep you updated on future Quattro 4.0 Firmware Updates. Once you click "Submit" you will receive the firmware download button.

PLEASE NOTE: Completing this upgrade will reset your Quatro 4.0 device and will delete all paired device information from your Quattro 4.0.  All previously paired devices will need to be re-paired after you have completed the firmware upgrade steps.

Firmware Update is for Windows ONLY. Currently NOT AVAILABLE on Mac.